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Our Non-Destructive Entry Techniques

At DNA Locksmiths, we take immense pride in our locksmith services, especially our commitment to provide where possible non-destructive entry techniques. We understand that facing a locked door, whether it’s at your home or business, can be a stressful and inconvenient situation. This is where our use of non-destructive entry methods come into play, offering you the potential solution which if effected, ensures a seamless entry without causing any damage to your door.

What is Non-Destructive Entry?

Non-destructive entry is a locksmith technique that allows us to gain access to a locked space without causing any harm to the lock, door, or surrounding components. This approach not only preserves the integrity of your property but also saves you from costly repairs and replacements.

Protecting Integrity

During the process of this type of entry the operative should have privacy due to insurance, legal requirements and also to provide the client with the fullest confidence in the continued integrity of their property, the client will be requested to withdraw to a suitable distance during the works.

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The DNA Locksmiths Difference

When you choose DNA Locksmiths, you are opting for a locksmith service that goes above and beyond to employ non-destructive entry techniques. We are dedicated to finding the most efficient and damage-free methods to unlock doors, ensuring that your security remains intact, and your property remains unscathed.

Why Choose Non-Destructive Entry?

Preserve Your Investment: Your doors and locks are an essential part of your property’s security and aesthetic appeal. Non-destructive entry techniques allow you to retain the value and appearance of your investment, eliminating the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Minimise Disruption: Locked out of your home or business? With non-destructive entry, we can swiftly and quietly gain access, minimising any disruption to your daily routine or the security of your premises.

Eco-Friendly: Choosing non-destructive entry is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. It reduces the waste associated with door and lock replacements, contributing to a greener planet.

Emergency Door Opening

From £75 + VAT*

*This price applies for lock picking. If drilling is required the prices can increase. If destructive options are required the prices are subject to increase and required replacement costs of suitable locks which will be agreed prior to commencement.



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Our Non-Destructive Entry Services

DNA Locksmiths specialises in a variety of non-destructive entry services, tailored to meet your unique needs:

Lock Picking

Our skilled locksmiths can pick locks with precision, ensuring that the lock remains fully functional after we gain entry.

Bypassing Locks

We have the expertise to bypass locks using advanced techniques, all while keeping your door and lock intact.

Key Extraction

If your key has broken off inside the lock, our non-destructive key extraction methods can retrieve the broken key without harming the lock.

Lock Rekeying

In situations where the key is lost or compromised, we can rekey your lock without any damage, rendering the old key useless.

Master Key Systems

We can implement non-destructive master key systems for your business, giving you comprehensive control without disrupting your current lock systems.

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